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In recent years, Japanese companies have been forced to compete with firms around the world, including those in the EU, US, BRICS, ASEAN, and emerging economies. Japan has a strong competitive edge in the quality of its labor force, advanced technology, and know-how.

However, in the field of risk management, Japanese firms lag greatly behind their international counterparts and this is where I have grave concerns. The disadvantage in risk management is compromising the stable growth of Japanese corporations.

To date, I have worked with many Japanese businesses on their risk management. It appears to me that Japanese people are generally hesitant to imagine and prepare for the worst in advance. Perhaps this is partly to do with our cultural reluctance to use taboo words, based on a superstition that unlucky words can cause unlucky phenomena.

However, “bad things” cannot be wished away, and unexpected situations do happen.

The means for dealing with these predictable and unpredictable risks are accumulated as risk management knowledge and know-how, which business entities outside Japan actively incorporate into their day to day operations.

Our mission is to help Japanese companies master the use of risk management knowledge and know-how so that they can achieve stable growth.

President Kazunori Takei
Profile of Kazunori Takei
1987 Graduated from the University of Tokyo. Joined AIU Insurance Company. Worked in sales, marketing and product development, public service sales, and corporate sales. Was appointed General Manager of Planning and Sales.
2000 Switched to ACE Insurance and worked in corporate sales. Was appointed to head of the Sales Management Division. Was put in charge of risk finance and from 2006, engaged in risk finance with a focus on captives.
2010 Established RAM International Co., Ltd. and became president.
2012 Published “Insurance Handbook for Business Owners: The Real-Life Introduction to Risk Management (in Japanese)” from Chuokeizai-sha
Active on the lecture circuit for the General Insurance Association of Japan, risk management groups, etc.

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Company RAM International Co.,Ltd.
Establishment June 22th 2010
Capital JPY 5,000,000
President Kazunori Takei
Main bank Shoko chukin bank, Tokyo branch
Japan Fainance Corporation, Tokyo branch
Address 3rd floor, Uno Building, 3-2-4, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0072
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  • Captive consulting
  • Risk consulting
  • Management consulting
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  • RIMS